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At Limitless, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be. It all begins with YOU. Busy with work and family, but have health/physique goals of your own? We got you. Do you want to look and feel better, increase performance and build confidence? That's a side effect of getting healthy and fit! Want to compete.. and crush it? We love helping with that, too! We’ll guide you through, providing customized plans proven to reach your goals, and be with you the whole way through to push you on the hard days and to celebrate your victories! 



BRITTANY LARSON "COACH B" - HEAD COACH/Owner of L I M I T L E S S Physiques, IFBB Pro, Func Nutrition - Autoimmune, Stroke, BII Awareness

​Fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine, but I never completely pursued it due to my battles with multiple autoimmune disorders. Everything was just so hard, painful, and confusing. I felt hopeless. After a near-death experience, I left a pharmacy program to follow my heart. I knew there was something to food and movement to help the body. I started nutrition classes while personal training. I began to feel better. I had more "good" days & my relationship with food changed completely. I felt like I was radiating joy & by helping one person- quickly became two, three, and now there's too many to count! It feels amazing when my people triumph and shine! I simply fell in love with helping others change their lives. I have worked with, learned from, and been mentored by incredible Coaches such as Jerry Ward, Skip Hill, and Cliff Wilson. I had a wonderful opportunity to work under Ken "Skip" Hill with his mentorship program (TeamSkip). They have been a big influence on me to change the game of what Coaching could be like. I aspire to be a genuine and top level coach that CARES about the well-being of each person, inside and out. I put my heart into my crew, and I want to work with those that put their heart into what they want as well. 

Since 2013, I have competed and placed very well in numerous shows throughout the country. In July 2016, I received pro status in a natural league and decided to go back to the NPC to then become an IFBB Professional in the Women's Heavyweight Bodybuilding class at NPC USAs in July 2019. Four months before, I had a stroke. It was a terrifying & humbling experience. I learned how to talk again. How to move again. Yoga helped me with balance & inner peace. I learned kindness through people that helped me at the gym or the grocery. I am so grateful to be alive & to have these incredible experiences in my daily life. My husband continues to play a huge part in my healing and support to get here & I am eternally thankful for him. 

A coach truly shines when the clients decide to go all in on the changes they want to see and feel. Coaching is a partnership, when the client follows the plan, the coach can navigate the ship. Effort will match effort! I have been fortunate enough to help others change their whole life, to gain self-confidence and love for their bodies. It's so beautiful to see! My desire is for others to SUCCEED. To let them know that someone BELIEVES in them, and help them not only reach their goals, but to be LIMITLESS in EVERYTHING THEY DO! LIVE L I M I T L E S S

Having a lifelong personal experience with multiple autoimmune diseases, I have empathy & knowledge on how to train, eat, and supplement based on different inflammation/autoimmune conditions. (I am NOT a doctor or medical health practitioner, just someone passionate about healthy & happy bodies. I do not prescribe, diagnose, or treat any illness and I work as a team with your care manager. We promote safe and healthy always!)

Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Herbalist (in progress)

Performance Coaching & Functional Nutrition, 2019

Precision Nutrition Level I & II Super Coach, 2018

Trophotherapy, 2014

Pharmacy, 2010-12

Wellness & Weight Loss Consulting, 2010

Sports Conditioning Specialist, 2011

Advanced Trainer (“Master Trainer”), 2009