Coach B: Women's Physique Pro, L|P Head Coach, Master Trainer, CSCS, PN1, and Team Skip Approved Trainer 

Ken "Skip" Hill: Owner of TEAMSKIP, Mentor, bodybuilder, writer of Elite FTS, co-host of Blood Sweat & Gear.. All around badass.  

Fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine, but I never completely pursued it due to my battles with Lupus SLE, MS, and chemotherapy.  After a near-death experience, I left a Pharm D program to follow my heart and began personal training. What started off as helping one person- quickly became two, three, and now over 1000! I fell in love with helping others. I have worked with and learned from incredible Coaches such as Jerry Ward, Skip Hill, and Cliff Wilson. They have been a big influence on me to change the game of what Coaching is about. I aspire to be a genuine and top level coach that CARES about the well being of each athlete, inside and out. I put my heart into coaching, and I expect the level of effort to match. I am also the first female trainer to be part of the Team Skip Approved Trainer Program, and under the guidance of Old School Bodybuilder and NPC Judge Ken "Skip" Hill, I am learning everything he has learned over the past 30 years. This is a huge opportunity that I am SO EXCITED about! 

Since 2013, I have competed and placed very well in numerous shows throughout the country. In July 2016, I received pro status in a natural league, and currently working to fulfill another dream: becoming an IFBB Professional Women's Physique competitor. 

A coach is only as good as the clients that follow the plan, and I let that speak for itself, so potential clients will be interviewed to filter out the ones that will match the effort required. I have been fortunate enough to help others change their whole life, to gain self-confidence and love their bodies. My desire is to see others SUCCEED. To let them know that someone BELIEVES in them, and help them not only reach their goals, but to be LIMITLESS.

Competitors come to us that have never placed (well) in a show, to taking 1st/Overall in their divisions. Lifestyle clients transform from not being able to do a squat, to hiking mountains and gaining their life back. Our Military programs prove to be VERY beneficial, with all of our service men/women maxing out their PT scores, and we even prepare them for the Ranger course.

Since I do have multiple autoimmune diseases, I have extensive knowledge and personal experience on how to train, eat, and supplement based on different inflammation/autoimmune conditions. 


Master's in Performance Coaching, PNL2 2019

Personal Trainer Certification, AFPA 2009

Pharmacy, UTA/Lakewood 2010-12

Nutrition Specialist, AFPA 2010

Wellness Consultant, AFPA 2010

Weight Loss Counseling, AFPA 2010

Personal Trainer Certification, ACE 2010

Personal Trainer Certification, NASM 2015

Sports Conditioning Specialist, AFPA 2015

Advanced Trainer (“Master Trainer”), AFPA 2015

Precision Nutrition Specialist, 2016

My name is Ken Hill but everyone in the bodybuilding industry knows me simply as Skip.  I live about an hour outside of Denver, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains with our 4 children and my wife of over 23 years.

I have been specializing in nutrition and conditioning for almost 20 years with an emphasis on competition condition.

There is a huge demand for the 40-Something crowd to either get into great shape or remain in great shape after training for years.  I help to transition this demographic to safer training methods while still maintaining the muscle that they worked for years – sometimes decades – to acquire, with a lower risk of injury.  In addition to formulating nutritional plans to get people ripped, I also advise and inform on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and the use of supplementation to stave off the aging process as much as possible and keep them healthy.

I lead by example in that I have competed for over 25 years, trained for over 32 years and have successfully made the transition from unhealthy competitive bodybuilder to a healthy TRT bodybuilder, and I show others how to do the same.  Being big and strong isn’t going to do us much good if we are dead before we turn 45.

Though I have worked with high-level athletes in the past, NFL players, professional bodybuilders and other competitive physique athletes, I still very much enjoy working with that person that doesn’t compete and just wants to get into great condition or “Transmogrify” and change his or her life, as well.

Ken “Skip” Hill