Best ever...
"Coach B is amazing. I used her for lifestyle training, and then for competition prep. I was so scared to do a show, but always wanted to, and I cannot be happier with having her as my coach and friend throughout the process. She is beyond knowledgeable, and so supportive. She will push you to your limits, but in a kind and gentle way. I cannot say enough good things about her, her coaching style, and her knowledge. I'm proud to be part of such an awesome team."
-Jamie C. Denver, Colorado

Coach B is the bees knees
"Coach B has changed my life!! Changed my relationship with food and I've gained so much knowledge working with her. She's is always so positive and motivating. When I started my journey with Brittany I was just looking to live a healthy life and now I'm on the road to my first figure show. I'm so glad I met her and feel lucky to call her my coach!!"
-Summer D. Bennett, Colorado

You want a coach that'll get you there?
"You won't find a more positive, goals oriented coach, or person for that matter. If you're serious about achieving the results you want, then look no further. This girl talks the talk and walks the walk. You wil not do anything she hasn't already done. She will get you across the finish line!"
-Kevin G. Ft Worth, Texas

"I decided I wanted to compete, shortly after meeting Britt, this past summer. As soon as I mentioned this to her, I had a workout and meal plan made specifically for me that very next day! Since then, she asks for weekly check ins and makes each one very personal, as in going over how I'm feeling, the good/the bad, what progress I've made, where I'm lacking, how my meals are going, etc. Nothing is cookie cutter. And on top of all of this she is absolutely motivating and inspirational. Her kindness, hard work and love for the life style is what puts her above all other coaches I looked into. She is MY coach and thankfully has become one of MY friends."
-Ryan W. Ft Bragg, North Carolina

Best coach in the business
"Fantastic coach! Great motivator and does a phenomenal job! Diet plans are very manageable and she will work with you and answer your questions in a timely manner. Will stay with her for a long time"
-Aaron C. Ft Carson, Colorado

"Britney is not only prompt and professional but she is encouraging sweet and has a huge heart coolest coach I've ever had by far definitely recommend her to anybody. Her knowledge in Fitness and Nutrition are worth 10 stars."
-Sarah B. Colorado Springs, Colorado

A talented and dedicated coach
"Coach B is a dedicated, smart and gifted coach. I've worked with her for over a year and she has consistently listened to my needs and created an extremely personalized nutrition and exercise plan to help me reach my goals. I really couldn't have asked for more in my past year of working with her. The focus is always on me and the experience she brings has helped my development tremendously both mentally and physically. Whatever your personal health or competitive bodybuilding goals, she can get you there. You have to do the work, but she provides an excellent road map and expert coaching to get you there."
-Melissa J. Boulder, Colorado

Limitless Physiques for Life :)
"I have been a Limitless Physiques client for over a year. Under the careful direction of Coach Brittany, I lost 20lbs of body fat, gained muscle and placed first in my first body building (Figure) competition.

More than the outside transformation, I gained self confidence to get promoted at work and take my career to the next level. Through her guidance and motivation, I learned about my true self and my potential. I learned work ethic, perseverance and dedication.

My life has been undoubtedly changed since joining Coach B's team. Outside and internal transformation through one on on training, education, support and guidance. Coach Brittany Bennett is the best out there."
-Amanda I. St Robert, Missouri

New to Limitless Physiques
"In the short time that I have worked with Team Alpha and coach B I have been amazed by the professionalism and commitment that they have to their clients. Coach B is available day and night and will truly pave a path for success. She teaches you how to be successful with the right tools. I would recommend her to anyone."

-Danielle S. New Mexico

"Brittany is the first personal trainer I have worked with and was referred by a mutual friend who also follows her diet and exercise plans. Although I had dieted and exercised independently before, my efforts were ultimately halted due to injuries sustained from not knowing how to exercise correctly.
I decided to work with a personal trainer to avoid re-injury.  After four months of working with Brittany, I've lost more weight than I did on my own, in half the time, and have stayed injury-free. She has taken the time to craft exercise and diet plans that take my preferences into account, which makes them more sustainable and practical for my lifestyle. She is always available to answer questions and is consistently encouraging me to pursue healthier and fitter habits."
- Jessica T., Lifestyle Client


"Brittany Bennett with Limitless Physiques has inspired me long before she was ever my coach. She is my second coach since first competing in the NPC and I'm beyond grateful I joined her team. She has helped me on numerous levels, but most importantly she has done what a good coach does. She checks in with me weekly and asks how I'm feeling always. She truly does care and has the expertise to match. I've gained muscle and lost body fat from 21% to 17% in three months naturally. I appreciate and value her guidance and trust she has my best interest at heart. I would recommend Brittany as a trainer to anyone. Not only for her beautiful heart, but her sound and grounded approach. I appreciate her for all she has done for me."

-Lisa Anne, Bikini Client

"As a female who overthinks a lot of my training I have struggled to find a good fitting coach for me and my training style. Brittany Bennett approaches her coaching from every aspect - lifestyle, diet, exercise and training, as well as how you are doing mentally and emotionally. When I start to over think a part of my progress or training, she coaches me through what I'm experiencing and how it is going to help me succeed. In the gym, she keeps a close eye on my form to ensure that I get the maximum benefit from each exercise in a safe way. Every week she checks my progress and stays on top of my progress to ensure I am reaching my goals. After only 7 weeks of working with her I have already seen tremendous changes and my family and friends hardly recognize me when they see me. I know that working with her will ensure my success and I will continue to reach each one of my fitness and lifestyle goals."

-NIcole S., Ph.D, Figure Client

I have known Brittany for the better part of a decade, well before she was competing and coaching.  She is the same zany, quirky, fiercely dedicated woman today as the first day that I met her, only she has now dedicated her life to channeling that awesomeness into bettering people’s lives.  Brittany does this in myriad ways, whether it’s a short message posted on her Facebook page to motivate her clients or applaud their hard work, or a an epic Napoleon Dynamite dance during a competition just to remind people you can still do what you love but you don’t have to lose yourself in the minutiae of it all.

I am a fit person; I am formerly a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and a finisher of both an Ironman 70.3 and the Marine Corps Marathon.  That being said, Brittany still finds ways to kick my butt.  She finds the perfect balance of compassion and understanding and no BS attitude for each person she works with.  I say with, because it’s not a client-coach relationship; Brittany truly bonds with these people and wants to see them succeed in whatever goal it is, be it losing 20lbs or making first call-outs, center stage on the next competition.

Despite her own battles, Brittany is always an inspiration.  She finds unique, humble ways to capitalize on those experiences and make everyone around her a better person.  Not only is she my coach (sadistic, brutal, awesome, spectacular coach) but I also have the distinct pleasure of calling her my dear friend.  I would not physically or emotionally be the person that I am today had she not entered my life all those years ago and it has been great watching her transform herself into the epic person she is today.

-Matthew Jamerson, PA - Lifestyle Client

I have been working with Brittany for a couple months now. I came to her after I made the decision to do a figure competition. I did not set a deadline when I first contacted her, but sent her my pictures and numbers and asked her opinion. She very enthusiastically responded and told me after some good old fashioned hard work I could definitely compete and Brittany was very encouraging about the process! Not a day has gone by that I have not felt completely motivated by her whether we talk that day or not! She encourages and motivates me throughout this entire process because it is something I never thought I would ever do or even wanted to! It is a personal challenge and I could not have asked for a better and more personal coach! The lines of communication are always open, she responds quickly and is always personal with her program and her responses. I don’t feel like I am being lumped into a group of people, I always feel like she takes the time to tailor everything to me personally and my crazy needs! In the short time I have worked with her I have seen my strength increase, my measurements change in all the good ways, my energy increase and my mood overall even out! I struggle with depression and working with Brittany has improved my emotional state significantly! I work in the fitness industry as well and could have easily created a program for myself and fumbled through the competition process, but instead I was introduced to Brittany who has made a greater impact on my life both physically and emotionally than I could have ever imagined! Even when her life is hectic, she takes the time to carefully and personally respond to any of my crazy inquiries! These past couple months have been amazing with her and I could not be more excited for the many more months to come working with her!

-Caitlin L. VA - Figure Client

Transformations don't happen overnight. They're not easy. Anyone who tells you they are is probably lying. It takes sacrificing weekends out, not always  sleeping 7 hours a night, and spending money on food and supplements instead of new clothes and booze. There's no magic wrap or tea or drink to make you change in 7 days.

But it's been worth every cent, every night of 4 hours of sleep, every early morning and late night of meal prepping. The girl before struggled with confidence and self respect. I didn't love myself enough to walk away from things that didn't benefit me, and even hurt me at times. I had no direction. I wasn't happy with my life.

Fast forward 3 months to working with Brittany and Limitless Physiques. My entire life has changed. I love and respect myself. My drive, work ethic, and outlook on life are completely different. I love and respect every single inch of my body: curves, bumps, edges, to all the thoughts in my head. I can't wait to see what the future has in store. Win or lose on June 4, I am proud as hell of myself. And that's what's important.

I love and respect the woman I am because I've fought to become her. [💕] [🎀] [💪] 🏼 [👐] 🏼

If you're unhappy with your life, you alone are the only one who can change it. So start over. Change it. There's no time like right now.

-Amanda I. US Military & Figure client

Consistent | Persistent | Dedicated 

 Believing in yourself starts now.  

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