"Coach B has changed my life!! Changed my relationship with food and I've gained so much knowledge working with her. She's is always so positive and motivating. When I started my journey with Brittany I was just looking to live a healthy life and now I'm on the road to my first figure show. I'm so glad I met her and feel lucky to call her my coach!!"

-Summer D. Bennett, Colorado

"Coach B is amazing. I used her for lifestyle training, and then for competition prep. I was so scared to do a show, but always wanted to, and I cannot be happier with having her as my coach and friend throughout the process. She is beyond knowledgeable, and so supportive. She will push you to your limits, but in a kind and gentle way. I cannot say enough good things about her, her coaching style, and her knowledge. I'm proud to be part of such an awesome team."

-Jamie C. Denver, Colorado

"You won't find a more positive, goals oriented coach, or person for that matter. If you're serious about achieving the results you want, then look no further. This girl talks the talk and walks the walk. You wil not do anything she hasn't already done. She will get you across the finish line!"

-Kevin G. Ft Worth, Texas


*8 Weeks of Private Coaching from me, yours truly.

*Macros Guide customized for you.

*Food list to go with your Macros Guide for easy meal planning.

*Workouts - 3,4, or 5 days a week plans to work into your lifestyle.

*Motivational emails with healthy & fun recipes.

*Weekly check-ins.

*Adjustments as needed for progress.

*Support & Accountability

You are in the right place, because I can provide you with that solution you NEED.

I will show you how to navigate the world of nutrition and exercise with a sensible, flexible, and maintainable approach in as little as 8 weeks.

Are you tired of suffering with being overwhelmed and having anxiety about the way you feel and look?

Let’s fix this, together.  

Q: I really don’t have time to go to the gym, can I do something at home?

A: Absolutely! We will go over your wants and needs together, and then I will write up your program to incorporate into your lifestyle. The gym is awesome! But you can definitely do your workouts at home if you cannot get to a gym.

Q: I LOVE chocolate and I cannot go a day without it! Will I have to cut out my favorite foods?

A: No! We do offer a guide to show you where you can work your favorite foods into your diet. When you are able to do this, studies have proven that you are less likely to binge and sabotage all of your efforts and hard work. Flexible dieting is all about a smart approach!

Q: What if I want to continue having you as my Coach when the 8 weeks is up?

A: If we find that we are a great fit and you want to continue learning and evolving, then we can absolutely bring you on as a fulltime client. It would be an honor!

Q: I have never done an online coaching program before, I feel a little weird about it. Will I be alone?

A: Never! In fact, your feelings are valid, and most of our current and longtime clients were curious how they would feel at first, too. Every one of them have told me how pleasantly surprised they are with never feeling like they are doing this on their own. We work together to make sure you have the tools you need and you are always a click away from me. With everything being virtual, it is very cost effective and you don’t have to worry about being charged for a missed personal training appointment! We have scheduled check ins every week, as well. :)


*Private Coaching from me, yours truly.

*Macros Guide customized for you.

*Food list to go with your Macros Guide for easy meal planning.

*Workouts - 3,4, or 5 days a week plans to work into your lifestyle.


stop bingeing and yoyo dieting -the secret is BALANCE!


*So confused and overwhelmed with all the new diet quick fixes and fads on social media, yet no matter what you try, you haven’t been successful?!

*Spending hours and hours in the gym and killing cardio, yet seem to only be getting fatter?


*Struggling to be happy with the way you look because your clothes keep getting tighter, despite you working harder and harder?

*Feeling so STUCK and you are practically begging to find a healthy solution?

Best coach in the business

"Fantastic coach! Great motivator and does a phenomenal job! Diet plans are very manageable and she will work with you and answer your questions in a timely manner. Will stay with her for a long time"

-Aaron C. Ft Carson, Colorado


"Britney is not only prompt and professional but she is encouraging sweet and has a huge heart coolest coach I've ever had by far definitely recommend her to anybody. Her knowledge in Fitness and Nutrition are worth 10 stars."

-Sarah B. Colorado Springs, Colorado

A talented and dedicated coach

"Coach B is a dedicated, smart and gifted coach. I've worked with her for over a year and she has consistently listened to my needs and created an extremely personalized nutrition and exercise plan to help me reach my goals. I really couldn't have asked for more in my past year of working with her. The focus is always on me and the experience she brings has helped my development tremendously both mentally and physically. Whatever your personal health or competitive bodybuilding goals, she can get you there. You have to do the work, but she provides an excellent road map and expert coaching to get you there."

-Melissa J. Boulder, Colorado

*Motivational emails with healthy & fun recipes.

*Weekly check-ins.

*Adjustments as needed for progress.

*Support & Accountability

*Tighter legs.

*Smaller waist.

*A healthy relationship with food.

*Reduced Stress.

*Better sleep.

*No more self-sabotage.



People call me Coach B. I am a professional physique athlete and Coach of Limitless Physiques. My background is personal training, nutrition, sports nutrition, sports conditioning, weight loss management, and a professional bodybuilding and physique Coach.

Sure, this is me, NOW. But before? Completely lost, frustrated, and discouraged. I have spent most of my years leading up into my mid-twenties feeling insecure, and to be frank, quite disgusted with the way I felt.

I needed to find a way to cut the emotional eating, bingeing, and feelings of despair. I was an all or nothing type of person, meaning I either stuck to a SUPER STRICT low calorie diet with HOURS of cardio a day (sometimes up to 4 hours!), or I ate a whole pizza, bag of oreos (I don’t even like Oreos, haha), and a gallon of ice cream. My weight fluctuations were INSANE, and I had two different wardrobes of I was 40 lbs heavier or lighter. This was no way to live. I needed to find a way to balance my life and have a healthy relationship with food.

After YEARS of this craziness, I found a solution. FINALLY. I have happiness with FREEDOM of choice and options, without guilt! I did this by creating a sensible workout program, along with a flexible dieting approach. It took me years of dedication to complete this program; so if you are struggling right now, I have a hand held out for you. You won’t be alone in this. I will be here as your Coach to guide you through a process of learning how to live a balanced lifestyle.

A lifestyle that you will be happy with living.

Imagine finally being able to have a balanced and guilt-free relationship with food. Imagine looking in the mirror on the day that you reach your goal - feeling accomplished. Proud. Healthy. Happy. Ready to take on life with your fresh mindset!